You know it! A website without traffic is good for nothing! It is like running a store that no one visits. Let’s see how to generate website traffic.

Sources of Website Traffic

Most likely, your source of traffic will always be a balanced combination of:

  1. People that do not know you
  2. People that barely know you
  3. People that you know, and
  4. People you touch.

Search Engine Marketing

The first group is the vast majority of people and that is the website traffic that will find you through Search Engines. They are people who do not know that you and your business exist. They will ‘google’ for a ‘plumber in [my city]’ or a ‘cpa in [my county]’. They have no idea who they will find and that’s why being at the top of Google search results is so important, either by paying (AdWords) or organic (SEO). If you are not in the first page of Google, there is one thing that we can assure you: your competition is!

Social Media Marketing

The second group corresponds to your friends, the friends of your friends, your followers and fans, etc. Thi is the traffic that can reach you via social media networks. There is them some sort of knowledge about you and your business. This is where Social Media come into the game. Beware that all networks are different and those you want to use will depend on your business and your target audience. Not all are good for everyone and thus the message on each has to be different.

Email Marketing and Blogging

The third group corresponds to those who you have an email address of which you can use to send a periodic newsletter via email and will read your blogs. This traffic coming from newsletter and blogs will help you achieve two important things: establish you in an authority on your field (provided you have something important to say) and have what in marketing is called ‘top-of-mind’. Please, remember that selling at this stage in most cases is a n0-no! Be educational.

Traditional Marketing

Those in the fourth group are those who you touch via traditional marketing: the flyer, the postcard, the business cards, networking events, newspaper/magazine ads, TV or radio commercial, etc. This is traffic that will have your piece of marketing and will visit your website from it. These means of marketing are and will continue being very important – at least for now. Keep doing it but only after making sure you have a good website. Remember they will do to you what you to them: validate information through the website – 87% will do so. This means that through the flyer, business card or ad they will come to your website but if you have a crappy website, they will bounce back! The traffic is there but if there is no content of value to them, they will not follow the call to action. Once again, it is not a matter of traffic; it is a matter of content of value for that traffic.

Remember that the website is not about you or your business. It is about how you or your business will solve their need. I will not stay in your website because of you. I will stay in your website because of me. What is in it for me!

Keep in mind that there is a great deal of work involved in having significant presence in each group. The best you balance your work in all of these groups following a clear strategy, the better position you will have in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and your internet presence will be productive.

Word of advice:

At Centrix we are serious and that’s why we cannot offer you that we will place you as #1 in Google for any query in any given time. No serious person should do that. What we offer you is that we will do for you what we have done successfully for so many clients over the years to place them in the first page of Google for wide generic queries. We can prove results!

In Centrix we have the experience to drive traffic to your website and help you increase your opening rate and the CTR (Click-Through-Rate).  Contact us now!