This is a very frequent question that we receive and the straight answer is: it depends! And it really does: it depends on the message you want to share with your audience. Not all the social networks aim to the same target and the message in each has to be different.

In a very simple example, let’s suppose you want to talk about your tuna salads business. Here is how we think you should send out your message in the most popular networks:

  • Facebook: I like to make salads. Here is my picture making one, or my live streaming while I make one
  • LinkedIn: My skills include making specialty custom tuna salads
  • Twitter: I am eating a tuna #salad, the one I like the most
  • Instagram: Here is a photo of my favorite salad or, this is my favorite quote about salads
  • Youtube: Here is a video of me eating a salad or, here is a video of how I make my favorite salad
  • Google+: These employees of ABC, Inc. are eating my tuna salads
  • Pinterest: Here is the recipe for the most popular tuna salad I make
  • Yelp: You will like the tuna salads at this place
  • Foursquare: This  is THE place where people love to eat my tuna salads
  • Quora: Where are the best tuna salads made?
  • Tumblr: This is my blog about the benefits of eating my tuna salads
  • Spotify: I am listening to the album Salad Days by DeMarco

If you want a definite answer on how to use the different social networks, the number of answers will be very close to the number of people you ask to.