Having a good Website Design is the first solid step to having web presence THAT WORKS for you!

Obviously we care about how nice your website looks and the message it sends out to your prospects, clients and visitors, but good website design is not all. Google has announced for years to use over 200 factors to rank a page and with our experience we take advantage of that. A good website has to be built from scratch having those 200+ clues in mind and it takes experience to balance them!

When talking about website design, there are some considerations to take into account which are trend in 2017. Among others,

  1. Focus on user experience and content of value: user do not visit your website because of you. Users visit your website because of them: “what is in it for me?”
  2. Adopt a mobile-first approach: Ensure responsive design. Your website has to look nice on desktops, tablets, smartphones and any other possible device
  3. Super Simple Homepages: feature only a word or two above the fold, make users want more so that they scroll for content of value
  4. New Navigation Patterns: think about user patterns; present content coherent in phases
  5. Use more neutral color palettes: more greens, beiges and muted tones and have less of a bold, bright, almost-neon look
  6. Custom Typography: Big, bold lettering never goes out of style but keep in mind that cool lettering still needs to be readable
  7. Material Design: design to create a hierarchy of meaning and importance of information delivered
  8. Authentic photography:  Use high quality images and if possible, refrain from using stock photos and go with your own. Be careful not to kill loading time!
  9. Implement Calls-to-Action: your content must encourage visitors to easily take the action you want. Make it prominent.

Now, do not try to fit all of them in the same page. Some might work and some might not in your specific case.

Centrix - Website Design ExpertsWe have been exclusively in the website design business since 1995.

Not easy to run into someone that has been in its industry for 95% of the time of the industry. For 22+ years we have collected the experience needed to help you succeed with your project of having internet presence THAT WORKS for you!

At Centrix we always go the extra mile on website design!

We not only give your the fish but also teach you how to fish. We will do your website design and will teach you how to maintain it.  Our 24/7 support team will help you control your site and make the changes you want, whenever you want, from wherever you want. You own it and control it! You save money and time!

Since the beginning of the website design project we plan for success.

As we know for a fact, website design is only one of the elements of the success formula. Traffic and Content of Value for that traffic are also key to the success of the website, we help you write your content in a “Google Friendly” manner. At Centrix we know what Google looks for and put it in practice in your project. We make sure that navigability of the site is not only easy for the visitors but also for search engines. Each page of your website will have the correct information in the HTML tags so search engines index it properly.