Do not create website content just for the sake of creating content! And be prepared: producing good content is resource-intensive. Content is king when talking about internet presence that works for you!

There are basically four conditions that make website content, actually a great website content!

Content must be:

  1. Useful website content
  2. Original website content
  3. Credible website content
  4. Friendly website content

Useful Website Content = Content of Value

Definitely, visitors want content that has value to them. The most valuable content is that content that teaches visitors something new, answers questions, helps them make a purchase decision, etc.

By delivering content of value you are building trust and goodwill. Become an authority in your field and people will follow you. Give them something they want to hear about and they will come back!

Original Website Content

Creating original content is not necessarily about being the first to talk about a certain topic. Even if the topic you want to write about is covered in other publications, make sure to write something that is new about it. Create original content of your own and make it public.

Here are a couple of ideas to make this happen:

  • Express your own thoughts and points of view regarding the topic
  • Help on what is called ‘content curation’ by discussing and reviewing posts by others in the same topic. Be unique!

Once again, this will, convert you in an authority in your field and people will follow you and this obviously will generate traffic to your website.

Credible Website Content

Would you like to read content that after you finish, you wonder if it true or not? Well, you readers don’t. They are looking for content they can trust and the best way for you to become credible is by producing original and useful content in a constant basis.

When you are starting to build that credibility, you can start by establishing it in your ‘About Us’ page where you can publish some of your credentials. To start, just make sure you have real testimonies from clients that help you build that credibility.

Friendly Website Content

This is a key factor: make your content is not only human-friendly; make sure it is ALSO search engine friendly. Be aware that search engines today have learned to interpret the content they find very much like humans do. Do not ever stuff keywords in your content but still make sure you use them.


Do not forget the basics of on-page search engine optimization (SEO):

  • Make proper use of the H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • Use a good meaningful keywords in writing your content
  • Add the better Description tag you can
  • Have an outstanding Title tag